Healing Earth

Capitalism is at a crossroads.

The question now is, “what is ours to do?” What is yours to do?

In 1776, Adam Smith wrote that “it’s not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.”

But capitalism driven by self-interest must not continue.

Cut to the 21st century. The top 3,000 companies in the world are causing well in excess of $7 Trillion annually in environmental, social and human health damage.

The world today is too flat, too fast, and too sick to ignore the reality that capitalism as we know it is accelerating us toward a destination unconscionable.

The question now is, “what is ours to do?”

What is yours to do?

We say to the leaders of the world’s most influential organizations:

Hello. Hi. Nice to meet you. Today we announce the launch of the new Undercurrent, an organizational transformation and process consultancy that helps businesses re-orient around the acceleration of regenerative, human, and planetary rewards.

We felt it imperative to reboot Undercurrent for two reasons:

  • Businesses are not moving fast enough to address not only our shared problems in an increasingly fragile world, but their own unintended consequences.
  • Visionary leaders – those who have become aware of their responsibilities and who are energized to make meaningful change – have far too little support.

The first era of Undercurrent attracted the world’s forward-thinking leaders — who understood that technology was such a pervasive force that it required a complete rethink of their organizations. This new Undercurrent exists to serve the ones who see the same kind of broad implications but this time driven by even more pervasive environmental, social and human health stressors. We knew the time was right to bring Undercurrent back when we met leader after leader who had gone through a personal transformation but felt challenged in bringing new ideas and new values back to their full organizations.

We have assembled a collective of experts to help you. A crowd, a community, a cadre of world renowned minds and caring hands, with decades upon decades of experience, to help you reimagine your business. To redesign your cultures. To renew your employees. To regenerate your communities.

In collaboration with a quickly evolving landscape of purpose-led companies, a burgeoning movement toward stakeholder capitalism, and companies stretching past being merely carbon neutral to being carbon sequestering — ours is to pioneer this next generation of business design.

Together, we can transform your organization to be more than a force for good, it can become a beacon for others to follow. You can be a leader not just of an organization, but of a generation.

We are excited to unveil more about our community, our own internal model, and of course, our process for working together toward a clean, balanced and regenerative future.


The Undercurrent Team